This is my story, but if you are a leader, it is your story too. It’s a story of vision and vulnerability, of being yourself and being betrayed, of crashing and burning and emerging the better for it. —Matthew Cork

Southern California. Palm trees, beaches, and convertibles. A thriving church and an exhausted pastor. A sudden mutiny. A grown man weeping under a lonely gray sky. The power of acceptance. A memoir-guidebook, Broken for Good is the portrait of a leader in his darkest hour. Showing us life past the breaking point, Cork dares us to live authentically. To be vulnerable but free. To take the risk, give ourselves away, and find God's strength at the end of our rope.

There are lots of ministry leadership books about strengths and trends and best practices in today's leadership culture. But few begin organically with the “you” that you bring into ministry. Let Matthew’s story help you examine yourself and connect with God in a new and powerful way. With questions for reflection at the end of each chapter, you are invited to relate Matthew’s experiences to your own life and leadership.


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Praise For Broken For Good

"If you are a minister who has encountered conflicts with your church leadership (that should include just about all of us), Broken For Good will provide invaluable insights on how to improve the situation. If you are a church leader, you can use the insights as well. I am so impressed with Matthew's book that I plan to provide copies to all the men attending my regular 'Time of Refreshing; retreats for ministers" - Bob Russell

"There are many who are humble but not honest. Honesty often comes with a sharp edge that bullies, leaving humility in the dust. It is a rare to see honesty and humility kiss. Broken for Good is a rare gift of kindness and passion that opens the often hidden world of Christian leadership to the intense light of day. Matthew Cork is a wise, bold, generous, and–yes–broken man whose story will resonate with anyone who has led anything and faced opposition and struggle. He has woven honesty and humility into a cloth of extraordinary beauty. Your heart will be led back to the immense privilage of living as a broken leader" - Dan B. Allender, PhD